About us

ICT Foundry provides managed technology services to schools and colleges. In practice, that means we run the computer networks for schools, providing a reliable service within agreed parameters for a fixed budget. We also provide strategic planning in order to ensure the service is sustainable and meets agreed learning and teaching objectives.

"No one individual can effectively manage a school network anymore. The technology is too diverse and complex." Ian Goodwin, Director

The company was formed by the Directors of two independently successful companies who specialise in education technology. They realised the requirements for providing and supporting computer systems had changed dramatically over the last decade.

"No school should be excluded from expert technology advice, planning and management by its size." Harry Mills, Director

As a consequence, they felt it was no longer possible for any one individual to encompass all areas of knowledge required to effectively manage a computer network and still get the best value. However, this is exactly the model still being used by many schools who rely on a single Network Manager.

ICT Foundry can offer the benefits of a personal, local managed service but with the added value of scale, providing experts for only as long as their expertise is required. Project management resource can be allocated to a school in order to provide the higher levels of support needed for specific projects. By employing experienced staff and sharing advice, best practise and expertise, ICT Foundry makes it possible for schools, large and small, to benefit from first class management at economy prices.