Today's young people are digital natives, more dependent on technology than any previous generation. In just a few decades, computers have become ubiquitous. In fact the pace of technological change is still increasing. Technology is evolving so rapidly that young people are being prepared for jobs that don't even exist yet.

Embracing technology for a digital age

Even digital natives need to learn to use technology effectively and to develop digital competencies. Schools must prepare young people to fulfil their potential in this digital age. This means embracing technology and embedding it in the learning experiences that teachers create for young people every day.

Managing technology to inspire learning

ICT Foundry offers managed technology services to schools that are seeking to take a decisive step into the future. We understand the needs of schools and the world they're preparing young people to enter. Our view is that self-management of technology by schools has become an unhelpful distraction. Schools must be released to focus on learning and teaching, not managing technology.

Sustainable technology supporting learning outcomes

A managed service from ICT Foundry means a reliable service that is proactively managed to support learning, teaching and the business of education. Beyond managing the technology, we bring a strategic overview to technology planning that ensures the service is sustainable, evolves in line with technology and is linked to learning and teaching outcomes.