Enterprise Print

Why an Enterprise Print Solution?

The main reason to choose an Enterprise Print Solution (EPS) solution from ICT Foundry is that it's good for learners. In the case of an EPS solution, it's good for learners and for learning because it:

- Saves up to 30% of current print costs thus releasing budget
- Operates more quickly thus saving time
- Improves quality and reliability

ICT Foundry has developed a robust and efficient EPS solution specifically for schools. We understand the particular challenges of the learning environment and we've built a trusted circle of partners and products that we integrate together, and fully support, to give you a customised and managed EPS solution. We will save you time and money allowing you to focus on what matters.

There are four key concepts that characterise an EPS solution:

1. Aggregation

We all know there's improved efficiency at scale. It is no different for printing and copying. If the demand for printing and copying exists, then it's better value to choose fewer, more efficient devices placed strategically around your school, than it is to have many smaller devices scattered around the school. The enterprise printing device for high volume printing is the Multi-Function Device (MFD). MFDs can print, copy and scan quickly and efficiently. They use less paper, less toner, less energy and so you need fewer of them. They also offer more functionality.

2. Standardisation

As your ICT systems grow, it's common to acquire technology at different times and from different vendors. This leads to a fleet of printers of varying makes, models and ages. A mixed fleet is more expensive to run because the purchase of spares and consumables cannot be aggregated to increase purchasing power. Also it takes more time to support and maintain many makes and models of printers than it does one (or a few). Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a much more important measure of value than initial price for printers because the value of consumables that a printer uses over its lifecycle will far exceed its capital value.

3. Pull Printing

"Pull" printing (also known as "Follow Me" or "Follow You" printing) simply means that print jobs are not automatically printed. When you press "print" on your computer or mobile device, you then have to walk to the nearest MFD and identify yourself to the printer (usually using an identity card or your fingerprint). The printer will then release your print job assuming you have credit and permission. The average saving from this one feature alone is about 10%.

4. Central Management

An enterprise print solution means printers are connected to the network and managed centrally. It's possible to print from any computer to any printer. The central management software can therefore control the activity and performance of every printer, optimising efficiency and identifying issues quickly. You can see reports on every aspect of your printer fleet performance.

If you'd like a free consultancy meeting to find out whether your school could benefit from an enterprise print solution, email us at info@ictfoundry.co.uk and we'll give you a call back at a time to suit you.